Technically free to leave the embassy, the Wiki Leaks founder, however, decided to stay, repeatedly raising concerns over Swedish demands that he be questioned in person, as he feared the prosecutors in fact want to extradite him to the United States.In the US, Assange faces questioning and potentially charges over his whistleblowing activities, as the FBI is investigating him for ‘espionage.’ The investigation revolves around the Iraq War leaks, sent to Wiki Leaks by former US Army Private Chelsea Manning.

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According to RT, Assange's lawyer Per Samuelsson said the questioning could last for several days, adding that it was too early to say what the meeting will bring about and what information revealed by Assange would be made public, AFP reported.

Ecuador's foreign minister Guillaume Long told the Press Association that he was “pleased” with the perspective of the interview at last.

As she was fully aware of the Swedish law on rape, the stategy was to ask if rather than explicitly accuse to avoid false accusation charges.

This blog entry described exactly what subsequently happened to Assange.

Both are allowed to ask for clarifications to Assange’s responses, but not put any fresh questions forward.

"After UN & court findings condemning 6 years of abuses by Sweden against Assange, Sweden finally takes his statement for the first time ever," the official Wiki Leaks account tweeted.

Political activist Clark Stoeckly recently told RT it would be wise for the incoming president to let Assange off the hook as it would draw liberals to Trump’s side.

“Julian is due to have some freedom so that he can continue to do the work he sought to do.

It would be an extraordinary shift and further herald a new era beyond the traditional left/right paradigm His DOJ will not prosecute Hillary, nor will he appoint a Special Prosecutor. My hunch is that many, if not most, of those leaders are breathing a sigh of relief with the election results. Maybe they could sit down and ask him the same question they asked her, but at the Ecuadorian Embassy, and then a few days later clear him of all wrong doing.