What put the nail in the coffin for my opinion of Steve P in general was in an email Steve P sent out to his list.

I RUSHED to get his White Tiger Tantra DVD set as soon as it came out. Steve P does the voiceover, but he doesn’t demo in this particular DVD, yet I liked the DVD he wasn’t on best. The other DVDs looked like they were shot on the fly with explanations thrown in as an after thought.

He’s a writer, though, and he’s got some great insights into writing a good online profile for yourself. In my opinion, these are some of the best products to help you do just that.

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His products were the ones out of all the rest that changed my game for the better. He brought all the theory I had absorbed into HARD practice. And here, Sparks demo’s talking with a cute girl and flirting. I learned more from those one-on-one sessions than the video I watched. Ellen Eatough I listened to Alex Allman interview her. The value of these DVDs definitely isn’t in the instruction, which is B-level, but in actually watching the women have sex with each other.

I also respect the fact he invented EXERCISES to help you with pickup. In the end, he is theoretical, and he’s a student of Mystery’s. Richard La Ruina, a.k.a Gambler He reminds me of Vin Di Carlo. Kezia, SUPER-hot woman who puts out pickup info for guys, had her start as one of his instructors. Stephane Hemon I enjoy his spiritual insights into success with women. Here, Sparks demo’s his method of physical escalation. I also had some email correspondence with her, and she was great at giving you the female perspective. 2 Girls Teach Sex Basically this is just girl-on-girl porn, with some instruction tacked on. It’s just a rip-off of Daniel Roses’ 4 principles, but with different names.

The company once called me, don’t know why, probably to sell me something. Maybe I had come across as a little frustrated for spending so much and getting so little in return, and this particular guy didn’t want to hear it. He gets a lot of good reviews, and I’m sure they’re warranted, but personally I just don’t have any interest. But he learned everything from Mystery (and David De Angelo), so why not just go directly to his teachers?

In fact, the company was called “Mystery Method” until Mystery left them. Why would you pair such an impersonal, factory-sounding word “systems” with such a personal word such as “love”? David De Angelo would basically suck Tyler’s dick in his introductions, but after listening to Tyler speak (this was before I had even made the connection that this was the same Tyler from The Game) I couldn’t figure out why David D made such a fuss about him. Anyway, his big contribution to the community is AMOG techniques (Alpha Male Of the Group). I wanna be more successful with women, not out “alpha” guys. On top of that his portrayal in The Game is a turn off.

Why not go to the original source, the TEACHERS of these guys who will actually get you results? ::: Division 1: Solid ::: These are a little better than the rest in this category because they give you stuff that can actually help you get results. He was a student of Mystery under the handle “Woodhaven” but distinguished himself when he rebelled against scripts. I also learned from him that you can have a woman drive to YOUR place and having a woman help you with your passion can increase her attraction in you because she’s investing in you. He also dubs himself as all about Natural Game, but is HEAVY into theory, too. But he’s heavy into lecture as that’s style of teaching. Here’s a couple of links so you can see what I’m talking about. I watched one of her videos, and what I remember from it is the word “proactive.” I think that was one of the qualities she said women thought were attractive in a man. I was amazed how quickly she honed in on my sticking point, which helped me become more aware of it. His “Get The Girl” ebook is solid Mystery Method fundamentals. My big takeaway from that book was to get a woman as close as you can to climax before you enter her, then when you enter her, her orgasm is right around the corner.

But Alex still stays practical and gives excellent techniques, from the basics like giving her a clitoral orgasm, to the advanced stuff like stacking orgasms and you having non-ejaculatory orgasms. PART II: GOOD ::: Introduction ::: The reason these people are B Level is for one of three reasons: a) Heavy on theory, light on practical stuff. b) They’re basically a rip off of Mystery or Ross Jeffries. He dubs himself as all about Natural Game, but in reality he’s HEAVY into theory. I learned much from him about body language, and conversation. Nick Sparks I’ve learned a lot from him, but mostly from just watching him in action. Gabrielle Moore “The Female Orgasm Revealed” book was awesome.

Haven’t Tried, But No Interest Conclusion: Where to Start PART I: THE ABSOLUTE BEST ::: Introduction ::: I choose these as the best because they have at least two of the three following things: a) They Produce Results: They’re PRACTICAL. b) They’re Original: They practice what they preach. ::: Division 1: The Best From The Pickup Community ::: 1.

c) They’re Affordable: It doesn’t break your wallet to get one of their products. But his ideas were the ones that helped me to succeed with women the most. They’re Mystery’s ideas of course, and they are still revolutionary.

Most of their ideas seem to be a pale imitation of David Deida. As your success with women increases, here are some products to help you get the two other areas of life under control, too.

There are three big areas of life to get together: health, wealth, and relationships.

It was as if he barfed on the page and then decided to sell it for because his idea is half-way original.