I am not the only person to note that humour is used when gaining mass acceptance of an idea, and believe this is being used to embed the sexualisation of animals.

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They believe they suffer at the hands of those who mistreat and rape animals, since they are classed alongside them, when most zoophiles are very loving and respectful, not like ‘zoosadism’ at all.

They want to lobby against the incrimination of zoophilia and normalise it.

The message I assume is that we are all hedonistic and broken, and too involved in observing a screwed up world to logically solve anything.

It was also known as ‘PIG GATE’ because of previous rumours that David Cameron had actually had sex with a pig.

Although there may be a differentiation, zoophiles normalising their own desire puts more animals at risk. They formed the organisation to help each other through the ‘steep increase in anti-zoophile activists’. Will they soon be able to make claims against us for hate crimes and oppression?

Paedophiles normally come in two main classifications: those who were self deluded into believing they were in a loving relationship and chose their ‘consensual partner’, and those who acknowledge what they are doing is wrong and abuse repeatedly for self satisfaction, hurting the child mentally and often physically. I am sure you have all heard of Peta, but have you heard of Zeta? Because there is little information to the public about zoophiles, they make leaflets for others to hand out and request donations to help spread their message.

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