There are also adapters available, and we've collected the best options in our best i Phone 7 headphone adapters article.

The i Phone is an outstanding piece of modern hardware engineering.

The first i Phone set the template for every touchscreen smartphone that followed.

Yet, without third-party apps, the i Phone would never have grown into the cultural phenomenon it is today.

Power banks and battery packs (same thing, different names) are here to help.

From tiny, low capacity sticks to big bricks of charge, they are a useful accessory for your i Phone if you're away or travelling and need to charge your phone.

Sometimes you just want to show off your Rose Gold i Phone.

It was made to look stunning, and it’s sleek to hold.Just click through to whichever model i Phone you have. If you listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts at anywhere near regularly, you’ll want to invest in some better quality headphones.We’ve tested a fair few: Here are the best i Phone headphones of 2017 If you've got Apple's newest i Phone, the i Phone 7 or i Phone 7 Plus, you might find that not every pair of headphones is completely compatible.The best i Phone games The best free i Phone games Arguably, every i Phone since the i Phone 4 has had a good enough camera for you to finally leave your point-and-shoot at home.However, there are always ways to improve your i Phone’s camera.You simply have to accessorise your i Phone by downloading the apps that fit in with your life and interests.