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The Kaghan Valley was formed in the greater Pleistocene Period dating back almost 300,000 years when the area was covered with ice.

Rising temperatures and receding glaciers left a large depression where glaciers once stood. The lake has rich eco-diversity and holds many species of blue-green algae. Instructions UL Representative: Detailed Examination. Marking: General Use: Internal Wiring of Appliances; or Internal Wiring of Appliances where exposed to oil at a temperature not exceeding 60 deg. Copyright© 1995-2008 Underwriters Laboratories Inc. or as otherwise provided in writing on this website.Large brown trout are found in the lake, up to about seven kilograms.About 26 species of vascular plant exist in the area, with Asteraceae the most commonly found specie.You Only Live Once…So Live Strong, Live Deeply, Live Passionately!