You’ve connected your webcam, installed the drivers and everything seems to be working out perfectly.

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Fortunately this can be easily blocked by redirecting the adult site to localhost using the Windows HOSTS file.3.1.

Click the Start button, and type the following line in the Search programs and files bar.

There are a couple different things that could be causing this but the most common is that you are trying to use your Many Cam 4 license with Many Cam 3 or vice versa.

Make sure you have the appropriate version of Many Cam that goes with your license.

You then start up your Logitech Quick Capture program to take a few pretty snapshots of yourself.

Weirdly, you get an error message saying : After stopping your video call from Windows Live Messenger and you click on the Reconnect button, you are now able to take snapshots from your webcam using Logitech Webcam Software.

If you aren’t sure which one you have feel free to contact the helpdesk at [email protected]

Another reason may be due to the license code having an invalid format, make sure that there aren’t any typos in the license code that you entered.

Other than that, Split Cam also comes with some goodies to make the webcam streaming more interesting by allowing you to add special and funny effects.