Black sand, if it's sunny it's a nightmare to play on."AJ: "Too hot to handle."GH: "Was the change to beach volleyball to work on the tan or was it actually strategic? Even the name itself, after the copious sexual references, sounds dirty. Madeleine Chapman is a staff writer at The Spinoff.

In reality, it's a reference to a piss poor delivery in cricket.

I am a Registered Nurse in Canada, Israel, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma & Texas, Hubby is a licensed Civil Engineer (PE) in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Missouri, Oklahoma & Kansas.

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"AJ: ".."[Big laughs]AN: "Or are you just not fussy at all?

"[More laughs]JT: "The white sand doesn't heat up as much. You don't really need anyone else."GH: "Sounds like a party."[Guffaws] By this point I had completed my transformation into Gob Bluth and 'The Sound of Silence' was starting to play from somewhere deep within my soul. But even as a fan of sports shows and the dreaded banter, I found nothing for me and my lady brain on Short & Wide.

When TVNZ announced their new male-skewed channel, Duke, at the start of this year, it was unsurprisingly met with disdain.

But programmers were quick to note that it wasn't a channel for men, it was for everyone.

New Zealand offered us Permanent Resident with no strings attached other than we pass the physical, criminal checks and arrive within 6 months to take up residency. Neither me nor my husband are working in our trained fields.

We have absolutely NO money nor savings left after 14 years of professional work in the USA.We decided to apply to BOTH Australia and New Zealand at the same time with *** being the primary in New Zealand (as NZ had not approved my nursing yet) and I was primary in Australia (who were happy to assess based on USA experience but NOT Israel).Australia replied about 4 weeks later offering us a 2 year work visa contingent upon my finding work as a nurse in Australia. We arrived in 2004 and I can say I have been utterly SHOCKED at how our lives have changed.This is a common way for intending and existing emigrants to exchange information about New Zealand.The author is an American from Missouri, neither her nor her partner are currently working in their trained fields.I was shocked to learn that New Zealand would “pay” me to sit at home and have unlimited numbers of children through Work & Income, Housing Allowance, Day Care Subsidy& Tax Rebates at birth.