When analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first floated the rumor that the i Phone 7 Plus would have dual rear cameras, back in January, the caveat was that Apple would likely offer a single camera version of its large model as well.

Now Ming-Chi Kuo has revised his original prediction, saying Apple has settled on just offering the dual-camera in the 5.5-inch Plus, and will also include 3GB of RAM in that model to handle the image-processing requirements.

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There are also conflicting reports that the i Phone 7 Plus will / won't have the same Smart Connector that's on the i Pad Pro — including a purported photo of the phone (above) which shows the dual cameras, new antenna design, and Smart Connector.

What's clear now, and what maybe wasn't so evident back in January when these rumors began, is that dual-cameras are great, are better than single cameras in a small form factor, and like them or not we'll be seeing that unsightly double-lens bump in a lot more places.

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Apple on Monday is rolling out an i Phone software update with Portrait Mode, a new camera feature for the i Phone 7 Plus.

Whether you notice this difference on a day-to-day basis is another matter entirely. Fitness tracking: If you get a 5S, it will have the ability to act like a Fitbit or Nike Fuel with the right apps, since Apple built in sophisticated motion tracking hardware.

Whether you'll want to carry it around like a Fitbit is another matter, of course.

It can then combine the two images or use the best of both.

Dual-lens camera setups can be used for a variety of functions.

It has a significantly improved camera, slightly better battery life, a faster processor, and a fingerprint sensor allowing you to unlock the phone without a passcode. The phones have the same size screen, a nearly identical metal enclosure, and are extraordinarily similar otherwise.

Both will run the new i OS 7 just fine, including features like Air Drop.

But the latest update – which might only come to the Plus phone, at least initially – might be the biggest step yet.