If you're worried about getting constant alerts all day, as birds and bugs fly past the camera, don't be.Nest says they have included a clever algorithm which means its camera can tell the difference between a tree blowing in the breeze and a thief breaking into your garden.There’s already plenty of Wi-Fi connected cameras that beam live footage of the inside of your home to your smartphone.

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Whitfield said the board suspended her with pay on Nov. 7 suspended her without pay via votes from Caranese, Hall, Brown, Joyce and Bartolini.

“Whitfield is unaware what, if any, investigation was conducted in connection with her suspension,” the lawsuit states.

With a fully waterproof case Nest says its camera should cope with everything the British weather has to throw at it.

The camera will be out later this year and expect to pay around £150 plus an £8 per month subscription for the video cloud storage.

Whitfield claims in the lawsuit that her First Amendment right of free speech was violated by the board's actions.

“Speech about corruption, wrongdoing, misconduct, wastefulness or inefficiency by government employees or elected officials is inherently a matter of public concern and therefore constitutionally protected speech,” the lawsuit claims.Missy Fox pries open a bald eaglet's beak, gently places a piece of fish in its mouth and raises the young bird's head to help it swallow.Today's breakfast is grouper donated from a local restaurateur.Monday she fed it rats."We're still giving him soft food with no bones in it," Fox says, a veterinarian technician at the Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, or CROW, on Sanibel."But with some of the medicine, he sometimes doesn't want to eat."The future hasn't been so bright in recent weeks for this young eagle.School solicitor Jack Cambest of Pittsburgh declined to comment.