That’s how I found myself meeting Ashok for brunch a few days later.

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Last year, I received two wedding invitations from Malaysian couples who met through online dating.

Maybe it is because I live in the reel world of romcoms where people meet through delightful and unlikely circumstances, but until then, I did not realise that Malaysians are so into online dating. If you’re so inclined, there are several options for online dating in Malaysia, depending on how you want to approach it: from huge websites like OKCupid and to those which are targeted at Asian markets like Asian Dating and Date in Asia. For those on the move, there are also apps like Blendr and Grindr which combine your phone’s GPS location with social networking. I decided to seek out Alice for some sage advice since she is more familiar with the nuances of online dating.

Your viewing of other users’ profiles is anonymous.

If two people say “yes” to each other’s pictures, they can start messaging each other. Which means, I downloaded the application and flipped through the many users, casually stamping a NOPE or YES on their pictures.

He told me about his adventures in finding an apartment in KL, I told him where he could find excellent Chinese food in Brickfields.

We argued about who would win in a fight: zombies or vampires.According to their website, you should approach them if you’re “single and can’t seem to find that right person and age is catching up.” In other words, your well-meaning match making aunties just went digital.When I went for the Lunch Date’s pre sign-up interview, the manager looked at my shorts, tattooed shoulders and professional business card and gushed about how I was so modern.If you guys like each other, continue to stay in touch.If not, oh well.” I quickly decided this manner of match making was not for me.I much preferred it when I could read the long essays people wrote about themselves, snort at some of the funny details and then agonize whether I should initiate contact.