So I'm never on camera without lingerie, a garter belt and stockings, or bodysuits to hide what I consider my flaws. There are plenty of older women who look fine and who are genetically predisposed not to have cellulite.

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I got started in San Francisco in 1982 as a house dancer first at the Sutter Cinema, which is now defunct, and later on at the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre.

I was dancing one day a week and going to nursing school five days a week.

They're suffering from not being able to make human connections with other people on a healthy and safe and pleasurable level.

Dancing in a club that allowed full nudity, full penetration, full girl-on-girl sex, for me it was awesome.

Dancing was the culmination of a longtime history of public exhibitionism.

I'm a '70s feminist, and I was told I had the right to live my life sexually on my terms and the responsibility to do it in a safe manner. That was the place for women to go to be looked at naked while remaining safe." They would sit there in rapt attention with their elbows on their knees, taking in every bit of information and realizing that they're supposed to know everything about pleasing their partner but they know nothing because no one's told them anything. My first husband found it sexy and fun that I wanted to be a dancer, and he helped me. She was an older woman who had not starred in movies until she was in her late 30s.So he got her card and we sent her Polaroid pictures and a letter. She put me in my first movie, which was her directorial debut, . Instead of waiting around by the phone to be hired by company A, performers have their own websites, they can cam, they can get together with their peers and create content.Boomers are aging, and a lot of boomers would rather look at someone who looks more like them!I have not met ageism in the business, but I have also aged in the business.It came out in 1984 and, sad to say, because women behind the camera then were so rare, the distribution company chose to withdraw and she lost all her investment money. It's a little better playing field for women now, but back in 1984, there were no women behind the camera or in the front office. The workers in adult entertainment can finally own the means of production. There will always be space for the three or four companies that shoot scripted videos or feature videos with a beginning, middle, and end.