And, I hope that he cleans up the unnecessary mess he made in Iraq. ; P "A political party that thinks crying Halliburton! In other words, he captured the center and still lost, defying decades of conventional a grown-up response to anti-totalitarian war just isn? Bush won due to the fact that, because of gay marriage and stem-cells, for every 2 liberals that came to the polls there were 3 conservatives.I think maybe Grant is right that this is where Rove's strategy was from the begining.

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I don't think that alone accounted for this win, any more than saying he held his Republican base accounts for it or that National Security Democrats does.

There were a lot of people who said the country was going the wrong way because we went to war in Iraq, but there isn't a good way to separate them from those who said the same thing because of gay marriage.

Sadly, there are no bubbles for folks like me here. Aside from everything else you said, don't you kind of think it's a rehashing of "separate but equal" to say, "Here you go gays, you can have all of our legal rights but we're going to call it something else because you're not married." To me, this is merely history repeating itself.

Hope there is more research on this 'moral' vote.

(Sorry don't have a link, heard it on the news last night) Which Republican agenda will that be? I think that civil unions are a reasonable compromise....." It is essential because there is this funny historical document that says something along the lines of....."All men are created equal...." Suggesting gays should have to accept a 'reasonable compromise' is akin to the 3/5 'compromise'. nearly half the electorate, apparently, is decidedly immoderate itself.

This clear intolerance of dissenting views from the MSM gospel, on issues ranging from the War to, yes, stem-cell research and gay marriage, worked against them.

Without the solid Republicans who came out, Bush wouldn't have won either.

I think that Bush tried to restore civility when he came into office in 2001, but the Democrats were having none of it.

I was talking with my boss today about the election, and she said she voted for Bush because she thought it was bad for a new president to come in during a war. I've been an Independent since I first registered to vote, by the way, but I have right of center leanings. I'm a registered independent and I didn't vote for Bush last time, nor was I about to start this time.

I, too, voted for W because I think he was the stronger of the two candidates re: national security, despite his fuck-ups and inability to speak very well.

It may be presumptuous to say John Kerry lost the election for the reasons I personally voted against him. But, I just want to say that I hope that you're right in your assumption. Bush starts carrying through on at least one of his promises- to work with the Dems. Michael, no offense buddy, but I think you don't know any of those folks because you live in Portland. Every exit poll under the sun so far has shown that Bush won for no other reason than the fact that Karl Rove's strategy to turn out the evangelicals worked. Kerry won something like 86% of self-describing "liberals" and 55% of self-describing "moderates".