Adding some dog ears does not make you a “slut”, and if you think that you might as well resign yourself to a lifetime of misery and loneliness.

If you don’t believe me, just try to explain it to your parents: ‘So, you just look at these people, you don’t talk to them? Then things all went a bit crazy: I ended up being given a last-minute holiday to Iceland for free with a plus one, so I invited him and we went away for four days.

We met up, and it was good – he was smart, a bit awkward, but sweet and I ended up sleeping with him on the first date.

IConfess Files features kinky babes who are looking for some kind religious and spiritual healing but instead of being absolved they end up doing all kinds of nasty things such as sucking a huge hard cock or getting their pussy drilled.

The flower crown is a gift to everyone to give them clear skin, the empress crown makes you look untouchable, the dog is perfect for when you look rough, because it basically covers all parts of your face and disguises you as an adorable puppy.

Your snapchat story is an expression of you, if someone judges you for it then just block them. These days people will look for any reason to sit behind their keyboard and pour hate on things.

Snapchat is a fun way of keeping your friends up to date.Understandably, most of the girls who enjoy them are pretty pissed off that this is another thing to put on the list marked “Beware: Things you do which people find basic/slutty/annoying”.I spoke to some filter die-hards, and the consensus was – we’re not gonna stop, they make us look good, please please stop complaining on Twitter about it now.It’s narcissistic by nature – whether you’re taking a video of the cool place you’re at, or a picture of you and your crew on a big night out.You’re showing people what you’re up to, because it’s probably fun.It’s ridiculous people are now using what is supposed to be a fun, playful app to slut-shame.