Direct Dial - The caller dials you directly without the company first taking the call.

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Dispatch - The company accepts calls first and then re-routes the caller to you.

These companies typically pay a lower rate to phone actors.2.

However, some companies may require you to advertise your character.

Companies say this is a small price to pay to promote yourself.1.

We were expecting our first child and I didn't know what we were going to do to make it.

I started working for a company making 1.00 a min plus tips and I was making well over 2 grand a week." -Camille With phone sex employment, you set your hours.If you run a high quality studio with gorgeous models who love webcam chat and 1-2-1 sexy phone chat then we’d love to hear from you!Please leave your contact details along with any queries you may have.They take a portion of your pay, while if you worked for the actual company, you would receive the entire wage. If you get information from a third-party site, check out the company's home page, and make a phone call. " -Amanda"I have been a PSO (phone sex operator) for 7 months now and I will tell you it's best to work at a busy company if you are doing dispatch since the pay is lower.If you can find a dispatch job that pays .50 a minute apply for it and hope the calls are steady." -Renee"If you're smart and are a good business woman and are willing to learn the ins and outs of your job to be able to advertise yourself, you can very easily earn 700 to 1,000 dollars a week right now even during a recession.Since you don't have a set schedule, the hours you work are up to you. Research the company and ask questions before you commit.