But he was caught by authorities and sent to prison.

The “sextortion” case generated lots of publicity and gave the impression that such hacking is mostly focused on sex.

That’s not hard to understanding; keeping up with cyber threats is bewildering. of Mountain View said it identified 430 million new and unique pieces of malware last year — a 36-percent increase over 2014.

People are also very conflicted about the nature and use of computers.

San Diego State’s Larson said: “As a society, we want things that are open.

their TVs,” said Murray Jennex, a cybersecurity professor at San Diego State University.

“Many of them don’t even realize that these things have cameras and microphones.”Most computer users don’t watch for such threats, choosing to rely on anti-virus programs that can spot and stop most, but not all, malicious software, or malware.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared in a photo that shows he he had done the same thing.

High-profile figures aren’t the only ones doing it.

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But Kip Boyle, president of Seattle-based Cyber Risk Opportunities, said this “spyware” could be used by everyone from partners in a domestic violence case to unethical computer system administrators to spouses and friends who simply want to spy on each other.