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With the end of every year come the oh-so popular lists that recap the past 12 months.

From top films to top albums to top celebrity nip-slips, there's a list for everything.

One such list breaks down porn habits from country to country, because honestly, which would you rather be in the know about: the best film of 2013 or the horniest nation? Thanks to extensive research by Pornhub we now know that when it comes to how long porn is being watched in one sitting, the United States wins with flying colors.

According to Pornhub's "2013 Porn In Review" the average amount of time that Americans spend enjoying online porn is 10 minutes, 39 seconds every time they log on to get an eye-full of sexin' Not far behind the us are the UK, Germany and France, respectively.

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This might be a perfect place to state some archaic stereotype about the South, but I'll refrain.

As for the states that indulge in the smallest duration of porn-watching, that would be New England with five of the six states (sans Maine), taking the those five spots.

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