“That ugly little gray wig was definitely the most distracting thing during my sex scene.

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Athletes must be properly registered online prior to the first day of practice. A competitive ladder will be established during the season with the best players competing at the varsity level.

Detailed information on team practices, matches and team policies will be handed out and discussed at the first team practice. Those players not on the varsity ladder will play "unofficial exhibition" matches at the junior varsity level when available.

Long before the high fashion sexcapades of Sex in the City’s four leading ladies, Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose were making old-fashioned sexy.

The Golden Girls didn’t have an enviable shoe collection or designer friends, but they did have plenty of conversations about getting it on.

She nailed it, really hit it out of the ball park,” says co-star Nina Hartley, who plays Rose.

As a longtime fan of the show, Hartley enjoyed casting Rose in a more sexual light while trying to channel the innocence of her character.

Girl's wishing to join the team should have their parents register on Terra Nova's online Athletic Registration sit ...

please be dressed to play tennis, bring your tennis racket and a water bottle to the first day of practice.

“I know Betty White hates the idea of the adult angle on the Golden Girls.” For all of the sexual innuendos and implied cavorting, The Golden Girls never showed much in the way of actual sex.

The closest the girls ever came to baring all may have been the time they spent Valentine’s Day at the nude resort.

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