Kalkofsky, a German Jew and bookseller, left behind his family in Europe.He accommodates Silvia, a young revolutionary against British rule.The interesting (if a little pretentious) direction is always interesting even if it can be a little alienating at times.

a pervertida dublado-8

From the very start the film interested me with its strange visuals and interesting characters.

The actual plot is not so easy to get into, but the relationships are well written and there is always something going on.

Overall this is not a brilliant film but it is an interesting one.

The narrative is difficult because the director tries hard to make it obscure and difficult to get deep into, but the general delivery features an interest character story told with humour, drama and good acting.

The film is set in Northern Ireland shortly after 1994 cease-fire. Romance between them is threatened by Rohan (leader in militant underground ...

See full summary » Includes a popular song Xanadu from the 1980's performed by Olivia Newton-John at the end credits, despite being an obvious anachronismus due to a film story and the time in history when it was set to take place.

I taped this film because the title and cast caught my interest but, whenever I read what it was about I thought twice because it sounded like a dull historical film about characters I didn't know a great deal about.

Despite this I decided to give it a go and see if it was any good.

See more » : Like one that on a lonesome road doth walk in fear and dread, and having once turned 'roud walks on and turns no more his head, because he knows a frightful fiend doth close behind him tred.