Feeling useless, or doing things that are meaningless, decreases motivation and self-esteem.

Accomodating people with disabilities video

While food, clothing, water, shelter, and health care are needed for people to exist, it is also easy to understand that when a person does not eat right or exercise it can adversely affect their health and capacity to function in other areas of their life.

Having purpose and meaning to what a person does and who they are provides inspiration.

Feelings of alienation and loneliness can have a negative impact in every area of a person's life. Retrieved 2017-03-21, from https:// Link: People with Disabilities - Accommodation Vs.

Education helps to meet the need to learn and grow and not remain stagnant, yet as with any of a person's needs - if we focus on one at the expense of the others, it does not maximize the overall quality of life.

Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires an employer to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified people with disabilities who are applicants or employees unless doing so would cause the employer, 'undue hardship (yikes - another article).' In general, accommodations are any changes in a work environment or the way things are customarily done that enable people with disabilities to enjoy equal employment opportunities.

There are three categories considered to be, 'reasonable accommodations': The duty to provide reasonable accommodations is a fundamental statutory requirement due to the nature of discrimination people with disabilities face.

Similarly, a reasonable accommodation enables a person with a disability who is applying for a job to have equal opportunity to participate in the process of applying and to be considered for a job.

A reasonable accommodation also allows an employee with a disability equal opportunity to enjoy the privileges and benefits of employment that employees without disabilities do.

Including people with disabilities is something that you cannot legislate into the hearts and minds of people, it is something that people must want.