Also, we will have as our guest speaker, Lauren Kreuger, talk about the importance of shopping locally. At this time, we will present Mary Sue Anter with the check from our cluster as well as a Life Time Achievement Award.The cluster lunch with Youth Challenge will be February 4, 2017 from 11a.m. For sure, this coming week’s meeting is club assembly.

If board action is required prior to the April meeting, I will call one.

and volunteered at the Rocky River Assistance Program Food Bank to sort and pack food for needy families in our community…Larry and Rosemary Faulhaber, Mike Hamed and his son, Marty and Jim Harris, Jim Rowe, Jim Penning, Bill Gaydos, and Monica Fujiwara.

Also, it has been suggested we could have a social hour immediately following.

This week’s presentation will be given by our member, Dave Clements, who will show us how to navigate Rotary’s Club Runner software.

Check out the photos that Jim Rowe took on Saturday morning.

It was wet, cold and windy, but we were all smiles.Especially at this time of the year, it is important to be thankful for what each of us has…our families, our friends, our neighbors and our country.Thanks to each of you for helping out last Friday evening and Saturday morning with the LCAC food distribution to 300 families in Lakewood.If you haven’t yet, please visit the club’s home page at update your member’s information.To start, click on the “Member Login” at the top-right corner of the page.Our Club is donating a wine basket in support of the event.