Unlike Maeby Fünke…Who wanted her parents’ attention, not their approval.

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I have a good relationship with my mom, but it’s complicated. Jessie has trust issues, and she is trying to act older than she is, but she turns into a kid too.

I pulled on a relationship I had with a girlfriend where I was dependent and she betrayed me. She doesn’t have respect for her mom, but wants her mom’s approval and lashes out at her.

But what comes across in an actor’s performance is often reflective of their qualities, and the scripts I’m drawn to are those roles where the characters are working through something. Being open to meeting new people — dumping energy and saving it for when I am on set.

That’s the challenge and what I love about this work.

Photography is beautiful, but I am uncomfortable with it. The actor Jean-Marc Barr takes great photographs, and he showed me a close-up photo he took of you from Burning Man.

I went for the first time last year with friends who had been several times before.

What experiences did you draw on to create that character?

I pull on personal experience, or a friend’s experiences.

At the photo shoot there was a teen who was really beautiful.