I even commented on a Facebook post John that he should add a Nashville gig, to which he replied “What about Memphis? While I love me some John Waite, I had to explain that a trip down I-40 to the Bluff City just wasn’t my cup of tea, even if I could stop at Buffalo and get some pie at the Log Cabin.

He talked about walking to the bus stop for school and staring at a Marty Robbins album in a store window and how he dreamed of making it to play and sing in Nashville.

* One of his favorite moments was getting to sing on the Grand Ole Opry, courtesy of Allison Kraus.

He mentioned that he left because NYC really felt like home.

He said that Nashville has become too crowded and is losing its country music vibe due to the record labels.

He also added that the audience would get to ask questions throughout the night.

So, he basically set the stage for our own Storyteller session with him and about 400 of his closest friends in Franklin. Throughout the set, we were treated to tidbits and stories prompted by the songs or questions from the audience, such as: * He grew up listening to country music as a child in England.The man is 63, yet his voice barely sounds any different than it did back in the 1980s. His tone is perfect and he emotes in a way few of his peers can. Now, for those that enjoy a little more detail, read on.John came out with a very stripped down band – a guitar, a bass, and a cajon.Allison and John redid his monster solo hit Missing You several years ago with commercial success.