Turns out they don’t understand the setup project, so you have to do some tweaking to get it to work.There are a couple of options if you’re going to use setup projects.Following the recipe for v1.0.0.0 from MS finally made it work for me: Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects Unfortunately we couldn't address all cases of the command line issue for this release as we're still investigating the appropriate way to address them.

It’s fairly nasty, but once you’ve done it, your builds will work without users having to edit the project file or anything crazy.

You’ll need to configure the build to compile the entire solution first, and then invoke Visual Studio to create the setup package.

The project ' Database.sqlproj' will close once model building has paused.

Serializing the project state for project ' Database.sqlproj'...

Hi; Look closely in your log before the line (some lines before) "Validate Error Error occurred while validating the field(s) arch: Invalid XML for View Architecture!

.", you will find more info about the error (and then post your log). Drive letter:\Program Fi...)\openerp ....\server\server\I tried for a long to debugg the issue but in vain.

Well everyone complained about the missing setup project templates and MS finally added it back in as an extension.

Which works great if you build out of Visual Studio – but what about automated builds?

look also at the end of your file: _columns is ordr_id or order_id for Maniganda: line_ids is there !!! So I removed the complete module and is reworking on the code now.