One Instagram user asked: "Omggg are they back together?

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After all, in a show filled with ghosts, zombies and vampires why would the deaths of their respective characters rule them out? ” Tovey said to the eager crowd at MCM comic-con in London, where he was appearing at a special Being Human panel with co-stars Turner and Crichlow. “I thought it was pretty ridiculous,” Crichlow recalled. “But when I read the scripts I could see how each character was very much a human character, and that their supernatural tendencies were all parallels for something a bit more human like addiction, and OCD-ness, and anger issues.” “When you read the concept you think ‘well I need to give this a bit of a read’,” Tovey agreed.

” Crichlow agreed, to cheers from the assembled audience.

They dated for around five years and separated in November 2015.

Unfortunately, Lenora couldn’t make Aidan her husband even after they share a good bond.

When it comes to celebrity, their personal life is usually private and low key.

When they create privacy in their personal life, confusion regarding their love life arises.

When Tara was asked to comment on the picture that went viral, she initially denied saying it wasn’t her.

The actor was previously in a relationship with Sarah Green.

Aidan and Lenora began dating in 2009, after meeting on the set of BBC Three's Being Human, in which they portrayed John Mitchell and Annie Sawyer respectively.

They broke up two years later and the actress continued with her role as a ghost, while he left the show.

Those hoping Aidan will confirm his romance with Tara might be waiting a very long time, as he once said: ‘I like to keep my private life private for my own head.’ Poldark continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.