If, in the interim, we feel that you are a potential match for a placement or prospective placement with a W5 client or clients, we will use your information only to identify such a possible match and to contact you to determine whether or not you are interested in having us pursue your possible placement.

At that time, we will seek your consent to collect new and updated personal information to use and disclose all of your personal information we have, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

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hat about personal information we collected prior to the coming into force of applicable privacy legislation?

If we collected your personal information and inputted it into our internal candidate database before applicable legislation protecting your privacy and personal information came into force, that information will remain there in its most recent form until it is purged or destroyed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

f you wish to withhold or subsequently withdraw your consent in regards to any of the matters to which we imply your consent under the terms of this Privacy Policy, it is incumbent upon you to inform us of that in writing in sufficient detail and with sufficient clarity for us to identify precisely the point to which you do not consent.

We will then evaluate and advise you whether we are able to provide or to continue to provide our services to you as a candidate.To ensure that we do not offend your references privacy rights, we ask that you only provide the information about them that we list above as "Reference contacts details" and we understand that you have secured their consent before providing their information to us.Should your reference require your written consent before disclosing your personal information to us, we will contact you and ask you to sign an "Authorization form".lthough we imply your consent in any event, we may seek your express consent to contact your references, to collect, use and disclose information we obtain from your references and for your references to disclose that information to us.In granting your consent for these purposes you also release, remise and forever discharge, to the fullest extent possible of the law without limitation, and agree to fully indemnify your references and W5 it's officers directors associates and employees from and for any and all legal, financial and other liability, loss or damage whatsoever flowing from that information or its collection, use or disclosure.ave you consented to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information?