Looking for Monica, Kurt, Nicole, Michael and Lauren Schaeffer holidaying in Thailand. Amanda Weber, Geneva, Switzerland I am looking for info on John Mc Gettrick from St Albans who was in Thailand over the xmas hols. Australia I am looking for a friend, David Tate who was meant to be holidaying in Thailand for the Xmas period. Zara Houstun , londodnerry , northern ireland Searching for Eddy Mc Arthur. Carly Thompson, Kent, England Looking to contact the Spencer family, as we have not seen them since they went to Thailand just before Christmas James Hopkins, Harrogate. Iain Girling (Doc), Plymouth, UK Looking for Lisa Edwards from North London, thought to have been in Phuket. She was on holiday with friends and has not responded to our efforts to contact her. Bas Hazenberg, Boxtel Trying to find Angela Osbourne (Angel) from Romford in England she's been in Thailand about2 months and was working in a bar/food place on the coast ,not sure where, would be grateful of any news.If anyone knows of his whereabouts please contact me. Michelle Jamieson, Brighton, England My friend Val Oui and her sister Fay are looking for one of their best friends who is living in Thailand, an Australian Mark Fry. He has been living in Phuket for the last couple of years. He is about 5ft 10", with a dark appearance and Scottish accent. UK We are concerned about our Friends Erik and Jo Foster, from Sidcup in Kent, who were spending Christmas with their son Simon who lives in Thailand. Kim, Oxfordshire Looking for Geoffrey Low who lives in Koh Klay, Phang Nga, Thailand Leslie Naile, Fairfax, Virginia, USA We are missing Willem Jan van der Heijden from Holland, he is missing from phi phi. Will Johns, Worcester England Looking for news of my cousin Ian Williams who lived in Phuket - 60 yrs old - 5'9" tall -stocky build, ex Ark Royal.He is an ex-drama teacher at Mountview Theatre School. They left the UK early on Christmas Day and would have arrived in Thailand late on 25 December.

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Lindsay Brazier, St Albans, Herts Trying to locate my dear friend Sue Drummond and her boyfriend Martin Curry who are travelling in Thailand, Please let me know they are safe x Michelle Flavell, Wolverhampton, UK My friend Louise and I have a very good friend called 'Lofters' First name Michael. He went to Thailand before Xmas for three weeks to celebrate Xmas and New Year. Dawn Aldridge, Leicester UK I am looking for information on family friends Tina and Trevor Steele. It is thought their son GREG and his German girlfriend were visiting. Just wanting to know that they are all safe and sound. Kelsey White, Shrewsbury, England Looking for a married couple called Barry and Valerie Conyers from Surrey, UK.

David & Sylvia Lacey, Leigh-on-Sea , England Searching for news of Captain Rodney Evans. We believe they were in Phuket Thailand over Christmas and New Year and we now cannot reach them.

They are in their early sixties, Barry has grey hair quite tall and Valerie has blond hair blue eyes.

We would welcome any news to know that they are safe and well as we cannot contact them by phone.

Gawaine Glasby, Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia I am looking for Christine Little (teacher) and boyfriend Chris living in Willingale Essex who went travelling to Thailand just before Christmas. David Griffiths, London, UK Looking for Adrian Garth Seager(English, age 40 -45).

Last known to be a Dive Master/Instructor on Puket, Thailand.

The last time i heard from him was on Christmas day, till now i haven't heard from him since.

Angela Sursok, Wellington, New Zealand My brother Edward O'Neill lives in Sweden and recently married a girl from Thailand, we have not heard from and cannot contact him.

Yvonne Chalkley, London UK Re my sister, Aysleen Glasby (registered nurse), was doing some teaching near Chang Mai (through New Zealand Education Service)and been living up in North Thailand for past couple of months - last heard of 2 days before xmas with plans of travelling south to beaches with friends (Steph and Pong).