Asked what I wanted to soak my feet in, you pick from eight different soaks (at no extra charge). They actually told us "your appt said Spa but we didnt know what that meant" and "it will take awhile, the paraffin is off". One girl is the Owners daughter & she doesnt know the services she is to provide? My stylist got polish on my sandals, missed parts of my nails & left dry skin around nailbeds & rough base of feet.As far as an over priced nick nac shop, I bought a bottle of O. I was scrubbing & moisturizing my feet an hour later !! My service was done by the owner's daughter and her name was Angel, she was a doll. So that review would have been misleading, and harmful so my advise is to see for your self and I'm sure you too will find this to be a wonderful, friendly, high spirit, experience. The place was empty & we were treated like we were interuppting the 2 girls.

I've had Siri and Ashley do my hair and I also got a facial (which was amazing) and I'm getting a deep tissue massage today done by Catarina. And it's totally worth every cent for whatever you get.

This is a really nice place to get all of the spa services you need.

I am so glad I didn't read the previous review before going in for my pedicure because I would not have gone to Belle De Jour for my pedicure. The "Salon" is in the midst of an overpriced nic-nak shop.

(and I would have been cheated from a wonderful experience.) I had a wonderful time with the staff, I was greeted with a warm smile and offered wine or pop. When they started applying our polish I had to ask what about the paraffin treatment we scheduled, both girls looked dumbfounded.

The atmosphere Catherine has created in the room was relaxing and enjoyable. I told all my friends and relatives about Cathy and the great experience I had there.

The prices are very reasonable, which is another big plus, especially in these tough times. Michele makes you feel at home when she greeted me and set me up in the detoxt foot bath. They have a full service salon and i am hoping that i will have time to throw in a massage there.i was home on a visit in lemont and i decided to get my hair done. scared because i have had a bad haircut in indiana so i decied to be brave. that experience was wonderful and i felt refreshed and energized after that. I have had a massage from her before and she is wonderful. Well if i must say there is no better salon in town. well Siri did my hair and the color came out beautiful. i didnt even have to do my hair to go out that night. You can go to the day spa's in town but you will not feel the cozy feeling you get when you walk in the door. I just got my hair done from some other place and hated it, as well as my husband.When I walked in I was welcomed by Siri which I found out is one amazing woman. She was really nice and knows how to cut and style hair.It was the week that shed light on the sexual proclivities of the rich and powerful.