" I guess you could say, "What God hath put asunder, let not man put together." The passages cited are the Tower of Babel (where the races of mankind separated (and then have developed different physical traits depending on where they lived), and Moses' curse on Ham in Genesis -27.The step from "separate and equal" to "separate and different" to "separate and inferior/superior" is such a small one to make, it's questionable that it's a wise position to even be near. Bob Jones III explains the decision to remove the inter-racial prohibition from the BJU student handbook, thus ending the controversy...

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I believe that the end result will be a greater blessing and ministry for God. I have received a number of emails recently due to Bob Jones University appearing prominently in the press coverage of the Republican primary.

Note the school's response at their website: then come back here!

All students who attend BJU choose to attend; if they don't like it, they can leave.

There is no line item on an agenda to make laws prohibiting the mixing of races.

So, I'll give my opinions first--since some readers of this site seem to have missed it in my ramblings that follow. And, per BJU's own letter, they say there are many Christians that differ with them on this issue. Frankly, while I was a student, I couldn't have cared less either way. Nobody really cared about it either way, as far as I was concerned. Most Christians interpret Bible prophecies in the Revelation, Daniel, and other Bible passages to mean that a one world government, monetary system, and religion will be instituted shortly before a period of anti-Christian persecution and the subsequent return of Jesus Christ to earth.

And, I need to reconsider that my audience is no longer mainly Christians looking for an inside view of BJU before visting campus. This is where the traditional terms of "The Beast," "The Mark of the Beast," "Rapture," "Tribulation," and "The Anti-Christ" come from.I have been praised, corrected, lambasted, compared to Hitler, accused of lying, and asked for interviews... I think it is unnecessary, divisive (on both social and spiritual grounds), and overblown.basically swamped for my opinion from all sides, pro and con. It really pains me to take a stance that is counter that of a school I so highly respect and agree with on other issues, and it's not a conclusion I have reached lightly. The cited goal of BJU's inter-racial dating policy is to help stem the tide of "one-world" thinking prevalent in modern society.However, several messages expressed concern that this rule did more harm than good for the cause of Christ.I had difficulty answering those, and after much prayer and Bible study concluded that the rule was indeed not the best.This is indeed for the greater good of the cause of Christ. Troy and Jessica Thompson (Alumni, classes of 19) I am amazed at the number of e-mails and comments I get regarding the "racist" views of Bob Jones University.