Please listen to the samples and I'm sure you will agree!

These CD's have become enormously popular among line dancers because the cha cha and samba tracks are so exciting.

Latin Jam is played at every major competition throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

These CD's have been the top selling CD's at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival (World Ballroom Dance Championship) year after year.

Here's a Christmas CD with great performances of Colombian salsa from Fruko Y Sus Tesos, Sonora Carruseles, Luis Alberto and more.

Listen /Download /Purchase Buy from Amazon ยป If you're a Fania fan, here's a remastered gem that was re-released in October 2006, featuring Hector Lavoe, "El Cantante." Even if it didn't have such great early salsa Christmas tunes, it would be worth it for the album cover.

Internationally recognized as the best Latin American music, Latin Jam Music CD's have been featured on national television on NBC, ESPN, BBC, The Donny & Marie Show,.

No other CD's specifically produced for ballroom dancing have ever accomplished this feat.

The big finale is worth the wait: "La Virgen Lava Panales" performed by Placido Domingo.

Listen For salsa fans, it's tough to come up with a better album than this pairing of El Gran Combo and Gilberto Santa Rosa.

Though most of these CD's contain a variety of songs for cha cha, rumba, samba, jive (swing), and paso doble, Latin Jam Vol. Unlike so many ballroom music CD's that use very dated music from the past, the Latin Jam series uses current Top 40 hits that are re-mastered, resulting in music with extra punch and perfect dance tempo.