Taya's date has her and Brett zip-lining through the jungle, which looks fun before dinner.And breaking all tradition, Taya does NOT spend the night with him.Date/Time Friday, July 21st, 201 pm - pm Location Waukesha County Fair Don’t miss Bret Michaels on Friday, July 21 on the Miller Lite Main Stage at the 175th Waukesha County Fair!

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) This season of Rock of Love Bus kicked off with some vagina shots on top of a bar, so it shouldn't surprise us that it ended with some sex and gender weirdness as well. I will spare those of you non-fans the details of the show's premise and what happened prior to the finale, but if you are so inclined you can find most of that info here.

What is surprising, to me at least, is that the show's finale managed to both promote and condemn female sexuality AT THE SAME TIME. Suffice it to say, the show casts Bret Michaels as an object of rock 'n' roll desire, and Taya and Mindy were the final two women competing to be his "Rock of Love" (commence eye-rolling… In order to get to know the women as best he could before making his final choice, Bret took each one of them out one last solo dinner date.

They have breakfast with Brett and he asks each girl why the thing the other is wrong for him.

Mindy concentrates instead on why she is right for him by saying the best parts of her keep coming and coming and coming. Taya says that she doesn't pretend to be perfect, pointing out that Mindy tried on 4 outfits that morning while she only took 10 minutes getting ready.

Where we watch Mindy get her lip waxed and bitch about how painful it is to try to be perfect for someone else.

The girls get back from the spa to meet with jewelers who ask them to pick out an engagement ring.Brett says her decision doesn't earn her respect, because he respects all the girls he's fooled around with (sure), but admits that he can't stop thinking about her.Mindy whines that Taya is pretending to be a goody two shoes before they each go to a spa day.And the Dominican Republic illustrates these differences pretty sharply.Mindy even complains about having to get ready for her date right away. She had mentioned off-hand that she wanted to learn how to dance one day, so Brett set up tango lessons.Brett then tells Taya that he's 99% in love with her and when he overcomes the 1%, he'll give her the ring.