century and why the battle of Manzikert was a casus belli for the Levantine crusades.

All four of these books are illustrated by two fine cartographers, Joshua B.

The superlative maps and tactical battle diagrams are what make this book stand out from every other volume on ancient battles....

In black and white, they are of tremendous value in explicating the tactical genius of both Scipio and Hannibal, the strategic implications of the Punic Wars, and the details of the Battle of Zama itself.

He also contributed seventeen peer-reviewed articles on ancient, classical and medieval Eurasian warfare to the twenty-one volume ABC-CLIO-World History Encyclopedia (2011).

Collaborating with map illustrators Joshua Allfree and John Cairns he published a two-volume military history survey in 2006 entitled Warfare in the Ancient World and Warfare in the Medieval World covering the evolution of warfare in western civilization from the rise of Sumer through the Thirty Years' War.

Brian Todd Carey teaches at the American Public University System where he holds the rank of Assistant Professor of History and Military History.

He is the author of dozens of articles in numerous magazines and journals, including Aviation History, Command Magazine, History Magazine, Marine Corps Gazette, Medieval History Magazine, Military Heritage, Military History, Strategy and Tactics, World History Bulletin, World at War, World War II, and WWII Quarterly: The Journal of the Second World War.

Hannibal's Road The Second Punic War in Italy 213-203 BC (Hardback) Many books have been written on the Second Punic War and Hannibal in particular but few give much space to his campaigns in the years from 213 203 BC.

Most studies concentrate on Hannibals series of stunning victories in the early stages of the war, culminating at Cannae in 216 BC, then refocus on the activities of his nemesis , Scipio Africanus, in Spain until the two meet in the final showdown at Zama.

Since 1999 Professor Carey has taken over 250 students and community participants in Colorado to Turkey and Greece (1999), Scotland, England, and Wales (2000), Italy (2001), Greece and Turkey (2003), Germany (2004), Spain and Morocco (2005), France and Spain (2006) India and Egypt (2007), Italy and Greece (2008), and the People's Republic of China (2010).