She went above and beyond her call of duty for us and did it with the best attitude in the world. The amazing staff at the Hyatt saved plates for my husband and I to eat when we had a minute.While everyone was dancing, we had our prime rib dinner, just the two of us.Valet parking for guests is available and the provision of audiovisual equipment for special lighting is included.

Grand Oaks Pavilion: With a maximum capacity of 200 guests, this venue offers a remarkable setting for the reception.

The soft hardwood floor makes dancing easy for even beginners.

We are still getting compliments on the food and the venue from our guests.

Working with Leslie and Sigita was such a pleasure.

The days leading up to the wedding I was a basket case (as many brides are) but I knew I did not have to worry about anything when I handed everything over to Leslie and Sigita. It was exactly what my husband and I wanted for our reception. My husband and I and our bridal party took all of our photos there. Our Captain (I think her name was Barb) was the most amazing person in the world. The service went great also and the cheeseburgers in paradise were a huge hit with the milkshake shooters.

When I walked into the Grand Oaks Pavilion before our reception I was blown away. When it was all filled in with the trees and the flowers, it looked amazing. First, one of the servers was following us around with champagne and a tray of hors d'oeuvres when we were taking our photos during the cocktail reception. At the end of the night when we just wanted to crash, she was carting things up to our room and saving dessert trays for us to take the next day. Bonus: not many brides and grooms get to actually eat their dinner at their reception because of mingling, photos etc.

The chefs at the venue provide tailored gourmet menus to your personal preference.

In addition, activities are available at the venue, including:: Begin your “happily ever after” at The Hyatt Lodge at Mc Donald's Campus.

They were always there to answer my questions or give us suggestions on things.