All Freenet nodes contribute a portion of their hard drive space to store pieces of encrypted files.

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Tor, on the other hand, can feel like the Wild West.

There might be shady activity going on all around you, but you’re powerless to stop it!

For more details on creating a Freesite, see Freenet Wiki: j Site.

To Join or Not to Join Whether or not you decide to try out Freenet is a matter of personal preference.

Here we aim to bring you a list of all freesites, both old and new, which could be interesting to political nerds.

The links presented here exclude the sites which Linkageddon flags as porn or cp, and those which I perceive as normal.” Linkageddon, for those of you who don’t know, is an uncensored link list that shows every freesite, regardless of its content.

It does this through a system called the Web of Trust (Wo T), which helps filter out spam, bots, and other unwelcome identities.

The Wo T consists of a network of pseudonymous identities generated by the network when you first join.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of censorship; I would think that most privacy-minded Tor users would agree.

If you’re part of this crowd, have you used Freenet yet?

Speaking of which, creating your own Freesite is quite simple.