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Well, this young lass candidly came out to talk about the sex tape a day ago using her Facebook account, revealing that she does not care about what people think, because she is planning to release another video, but people have to pay for it.

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Chela yegon nude photos video

And yes,by writing about her, I end up joining the boat.

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*For those who have no idea who Chela is or what she did,here it is..

Quickie: *She goes by the name Chela Yegon *She wanted to be a “socialite” so she and her partner made a sextape,which “leaked” and now she’s all over the place.

Chelah Yegon has been trending the whole week after her intimate video went viral when it was leaked on social media.

The Kenyan lass who currently resides in South Africa also released some nude photos and has been the most searched name on the internet in the last few days.

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