Back in 2002, 23-year-old Pete Wentz was a local legend in the Chicago Hardcore underground.A college dropout, Wentz was still living with his parents and jamming with best friend (and future FOB guitarist) Joe Trohman in various bands, most notably Arma Angelus, which also featured Tim Mc Ilrath, later of Rise Against.Fall Out Boy’s cover feature described Jeanae as Wentz’s main squeeze.

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For various reasons, Wentz decided it was time to leave Chicago behind and move to Los Angeles.

After years of suffering from Jeanae’s infidelity, he suddenly decided that it was his turn to play the field.

The severe push/pull dynamics within their relationship was a partial cause behind Wentz’s 2005 suicide attempt.

Just three months before Fall Out Boy’s first major-label album was released, Jeanae and Wentz’s problems became fodder for the droves of fangirls that Fall Out Boy gained.

While Jeanae was happy to stay out of the spotlight and let Wentz do all the talking, she did regularly take to her blog and share thinly veiled details concerning their relationship, some of which was not the least bit savory.

Their ups-and-downs grew even more extreme - in late August 2005, Wentz was arrested for assaulting a police officer who tried to break up a fight between him and Jeanae, which led to him busting the windows out of her car.

Fall Out Boy released In April, a confused and hurt Jeanae took to her blog to share fond (and not so fond) memories she had with Wentz.

She quoted lines from the FOB songs “I’ve Got This Ringing In My Ears But None On My Fingers” and “Gay Is Not A Synonym For Shitty” before expelling five years’ worth of baggage.

The following February, The two seemingly happy lovebirds took a romantic vacation to Paris; the photos were infamously slabbed all over the internet for enthusiastic fans to dissect.

Then just a month later, Wentz was spotted with Ashlee again.

Jeanae seemed barely phased by it though, and Wentz eventually forgave her.