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Harboring a thirst for revenge against the Brittanian Empire for their actions against his family, Lelouch wages war against the Empire. However, to make a point for those still feeling 50/50 about this I got 2 words; - Death Note.. plus in R2 Kallen wears a bunnygirl suit in the first ep.

Using his newfound power and tactical ability, Lelouch goes under the alias Zero in attempts to fulfill his childhood vow, to destroy Brittannia! I've watched my fair share of anime's, a lot of good and a lot of bad, Code Geass was one of the first anime's I watched and it blew my mind.

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At first it wasn't really all that spectacular or overwhelming, but the more the Anime progressed, the better it became.

And by that I mean really everything became better.

And while the story takes you wide and far, you're always connected to the main story, you develop a relationship with the characters and the 'main' character isn't headless stupid or clumsy, it's real intelligence and it's amazing how everything fits together in the end. But that being said, till now I have only rated a few animes 5 stars and this definitely deserves it. There is so much happening, especially in the later episodes.

If you haven't watched Code Geass yet, you are seruisly missing out on one of... OK, so I have put off this anime since 2007(Just because the main character wore a cape. It's like a total mind f**k because I did not see a lot of things coming. Honestly when I started watching this, my expectation wasn't really that high and maybe that's why my mind is so WTHHH at the moment but it also could be the fact that I've spent the last few hours constitutively watching the last 15 or so episodes and it's 2am.

there was this Anime that kept popping up: Code Geass.