It will add the latest Forefront Endpoint Protection definition update into Assignment “FEPDeployment” and Package “FEP” and refresh the Distribution Points if any updates were made to the deployment package.

Note: This tool will only download the latest Forefront Endpoint Protection definition update and add it to the existing deployment and package.

configuration manager endpoint protection not updating definitions-26

Actually, the Endpoint Protection agent is installed locally in Programs & Features but it’s using the Windows Defender UI with a thin layer of Endpoint Protection to manage policies and malware definitions.

If you have already deployed Windows 10 in your environment, you might have encountered an issue where your Endpoint Protection policies are applied but the malware definitions are not updated.

Please refer to How to Configure Software Updates Synchronization() for information on how to configure the software update synchronization.

As a best practice, before you run this tool, always make sure that a scheduled software update synchronization has completed.

The SEPM shows old virus definitions in "Admin Server Activity logs may provide details on the nature of the failure.

One possible cause is that old or corrupted virus definitions present on the SEPM prevent the SEPM's ability to update the SEP clients with new virus definitions.

It will not synchronize the definition update into Configuration Manager.

It is still necessary to run software update synchronization to synchronize the latest Forefront Endpoint Protection definition update into the Configuration Manager database before you run this tool.

You have probably noticed that Windows 10 comes natively with Windows Defender.