Transportation Insight also provides a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) with inventory visibility and control — just as if the product were shipped from your own facility. Inventory reporting is also available, giving you complete visibility to inbound receipts, on-hand inventory updates and links to carriers and real-time shipment tracing.

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Now field engineers can save a significant time by not having to wait at the customer's facility until the spare parts arrive and spend less time on the road driving to regional warehouses.

Field engineers in Europe can typically find a UPS Access Point location within a few miles of their home or the customer, making this solution entirely scalable to more countries beyond France.

Whether your distribution network is in a state of transition or your company is seeking to lower administrative costs, our innovative warehousing services can help improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Noted for geographic market leadership, our warehouse services offer a complete array of capabilities as well a focus on customer care and quality.

All warehousing services work seamlessly with our complete menu of domestic and international transportation services for a total supply chain solution under one umbrella.

Transportation Insight offers a network of over 80 warehouse locations across North America and has the ability to grow into any needed market within 30 days.

and have it in hand the next morning as early as 9 a.m..

As a result, Sealed Air has improved its customer response time and can seamlessly accommodate emergency repairs.

France, a key market for Sealed Air's postsales operation, was selected as the pilot location.

The UPS Access Point network includes thousands of independently owned and operated neighborhood businesses, UPS locations and other convenient options.

In Europe, the UPS Access Point network features more than 15,000 locations in nine countries, making it easy to ship or receive packages near home or work.