Terrorism Now let’s look at how Trump’s order relates to terrorism.

Obama’s list of seven: The order singles out the same seven countries that were singled out in an anti-terrorism law signed by Obama, although the travel restrictions in the two measures are different.

Those seven countries have only 12 percent of the world’s Muslims and Muslims from other countries can still enter the United States. And the order follows not only repeated statements Trump made during his presidential campaign specifically calling for a Muslim ban, but subsequent statements he made about finding a legal means for the executive order.

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In summary The order does not specifically bar Muslims.

It applies only to citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

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Trump’s statements evidently were pivotal for Sally Yates, whom Trump fired as acting attorney general after she instructed the Justice Department not to defend the executive order.

A letter she wrote showed she was bothered by the focus on majority-Muslim countries.

So, we decided not to rate this on the Truth-O-Meter.