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One night I looked down and realized the diamond was missing from the setting. We were both from the midwest and he too ended up getting stationed in California and I started College here while my parents divorced.

We vacumed every inch of that house and couldn't find it anywhere so I took it to the jewlers and they replaced it on their dime. I don't think he was happy about the fact I didn't just pick up and move (with no money) to be with him.

i dont know anyone in my situation and it would be great to be informed about it. A real good buddy of mine went through the same situation.

I would appreciate all honesty :-)The documentary CARRIER about the Nimitz showed that the people on board had access to regular email and to some extent phone calls to their loved ones back home. He had been dating this girl for nearly two years when he enlisted.

we want to stay together and be together in the long run, i guess my question is how hard is it to keep in touch?

i no we wont be able to communicate when he is in boot camp but what about the rest?If your love is true, it will survive, if not it won't. The fact that you want to persue your own dream rather than follow him, is probably the hint you need to pay attention to in your heart, but don't tell him. By all means, go forward into your future and see what happens. They never really saw him again for reasons unrelated that I won't go into here and this was years ago, but they still welcomed me to their home dinners and holidays- they were good people. After his divorce from his second wife -she won millions in the state lottery. It had been awhile since I’d had a date, and I was looking forward to it – until he texted me a picture of his penis two hours before I was supposed to meet him. Before that, there was the guy who, after our first date, would only text me after 10 pm, hoping we could “meet up.” During my eight years in New York I met drunk bankers, promiscuous bartenders, and men with lots of money but no time or desire for a girlfriend.It seemed like I knew a million amazing single women, but the single men I knew were few and far between.If this is something that is serious, and you two plan on getting married, then you need to do all the research you can on things. It's called growing older and gaining life experience. The one thing I did was to make sure he got something in the mail from me everyday - even if it was only a card- while he went through basic training.