He can't give you more even now, outside of a committed relationship, and that will be many months or years down the pike. Are you willing to seek others for greater satisfaction?

You should eliminate the 'he' factors and focus on the 'me' factors. Where does he fit in the balance of your life and what you want now, and how can he fill those needs in 5 years, 10 years, and more?

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dating a single father with full custody-18

What I mean is by this is that I know there's signs that when a person becomes uninterested in someone after a while the contacting starts to fade and they will want to see them less.

Then they will make excuses to not see them such as "I'm busy". So since he stays in contact I guess that means something right?

So far it's only been 3 weeks where we saw each other twice but we speak to each other briefly everyday.

It may be a little early to tell, so how long should I wait to start determining that he doesn't see me as a future girlfriend?

If not, then end it early rather than later to save both of you the heartache. It's true that he won't be able to give you constant attention because of his other, sometimes unpredictable, obligations.

If not, then end it early rather than later to save both of you the heartache.

We went out on one date so far which went well after the date he picked up one of his best friends (whom he introduced me too) and then took me home. The communication is 50/50 of reaching out equally . I'm really starting to like him and I love the fact that he's a great dad to his daughter.

There was about 1 time when he wasn't able to spend time with me and didn't call me to tell me because something came up but I told him to at least to just communicate with me if something comes and he agreed. I told him he was a great dad and he really appreciated it.

Some of my friends (some who are also single moms) are concerned with the fact that since he's a single dad with sole custody he won't really have time for me so maybe I should reconsider.