Is a ‘dating advice expert’ someone who has been on a thousand successful dates, or is it someone who has been on a thousand unsuccessful dates, or all of the above – or neither – is a successful dating expert someone who found their match on their first date and is still married to them?

Or – is it someone that has read lots of dating books or dating columns?

So you should by browsing these articles be able to find some of the best Christian web sites of interest, Internet bookstores that sell related books on dating etc, and of course many many Christian singles advice articles such as how to be confident, preparing for a meeting with someone and the inds of things than men and women generally and reasonably expect from each other.

So unlike most of the other guides out there, this one is specically for Christians to help them in their singles walk. The Bible does not really offer much in the way of advice in the arena courting, however anyone that has read it cover to cover gets a very very good idea of the kinds of things we as Christians should be looking for in a husband or wife - after all we're not dating for fun - we're looking for a spouse right?!

It's very clear that character comes way before looks, beuaty and riches - and that seeking after anything else exclusively is futile, and whilst it may be fun for a short time, it's likey to end in tears if we have not based our choice on the sound character traits decsribed in The Bible and not only that - we are both commited at the start to remain faithful and stick with that person we have chosen through thick and thin, rich ir poor and yes - health and sickness just as our Lord does with us and has done with Irael despite all her and our faults.

We give you links so you van buy the best and recommended of these books from Amazon! Reviewed are Christian singles books - so you can gain insight and experience from other Christians on the subject of singleness, how to find that perfect partner, find dates or just be happy being single!

101 also provides information on the cheapest, the most expensive and the best value date services for singles and Christian dating sites.

Someone who wears jeans and a T-shirt to a nice restaurant is advertising that they doesn’t know how to dress for a night out—or that they know but don’t care enough to put in the effort.

If you’re driving to dinner or the movies and you’re running late because of traffic, honking your horn and swearing will only make your date uncomfortable.Or perhaps there is some University of Dating or some special degree or certificate one can gain from some college (I bet there is nowadays! I mean it’s a daft idea really and so why then would we be writing this dating advice blog in the first place?Well the answer is simple; we Christians have a different rule book from the the dating advisers of the secular world and depending on how much life experience we have in light of our knowledge of the Bible and how relationships should be started and conducted in light of The Bible.There are a tonne of ways to kindle a relationship and we want to help you by giving you suggestions you can use online via the Internet or offline at events and other social gatherings and more.Please note that all of our advice is always from a Christian viewpoint as the world has very different dating rules than believers do and it is very important that you remain pure if possible for your spouse and that meeting people is not treated as a 'sport' and conducted in a proper manner before God.Here are some simple things you can do on a date that will leave the other person feeling relaxed and well-cared-for: This shows that you are ready for the date, you’re dependable, and you care enough about being with him or her to make the effort to be punctual.