Health: Sites that provide information or advice on personal health or medical services, procedures, or devices, but not drugs. Illegal or Questionable: Sites that provide instruction in or promote nonviolent crime or unethical or dishonest behavior or the avoidance of prosecution.

Sites sponsored by or providing information about computers, software, the Internet and related business firms, including sites supporting the sale of hardware, software, peripherals and services.

The Forcepoint Master Database contains the industry's most accurate, current and comprehensive classification of URLs.

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Forcepoint Threat Seeker Intelligence leverages provides content-aware web security reputation intelligence that enables customers to manage access to suspicious websites.

The parent category that contains the following categories: Forcepoint Security Filtering adds extra protection from web-based threats by providing additional security-related website categories.

Intolerance: Sites that condone intolerance towards any individual or group.

Job Search: Sites that offer information about or support the seeking of employment or employees.

sponsored by cultural institutions, or provide information about museums, galleries, theatres (not movie theaters).

Includes groups such as 4-H and the Boy Scouts of America.

Travel: Sites that provide information about or promote travel-related services and destinations. Vehicles: Sites that provide information about or promote vehicles, including those that support online purchase of vehicles or parts.

Violence: Sites that feature or promote violence or bodily harm, including self-inflicted harm; or that gratuitously display images of death, gore or injury; or that feature images or descriptions that are grotesque or frightening and of no redeeming value.

Sites sponsored by or devoted to business firms, business associations, industry groups or general business.

Gambling: Sites that provide information about or promote gambling or support online gambling, involving a risk of losing money.

Games: Sites that enable a user to play or download a game.