And then finally there are those, quite a few actually that I have known personally, who have never even dated, had a boyfriend or girlfriend, or rarely do more than kiss a stranger at a party.

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On the other hand, we have to realize that we are not our parents, and just because breakups occur and hearts are broken, that does not mean we have to resort to anti-relationship attitudes or pledges.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have those happy few couples who have, for example, met in high school or in some college class or club, and have been together as long as anyone can remember.

Divorce is rampant in today’s society, and there is a high chance that as we as young people have watched our parents’ or our friends’ parents’ marriages fail.

Is it likely that we do not want to go through that same pain, getting really involved and then having our hopes, dreams, and love shatter to pieces?

Good Luck with however your love life is going, and if it is non-existent at the moment, more power to ya!

alum, he had nothing but praise for his on-screen leading lady. She is amazing."However, there is one bit of homework he has yet to do on the actress—watch her unforgettable performance as Lana in "I saw clips of her singing, but I haven't seen the actual full movie," he admitted to E! While he has fortunately heard Moore's rendition of "Stupid Cupid," he doesn't intend on getting shot by one of Cupid's arrows on set. if he thinks it's a good or bad idea to date co-stars, he candidly responded, "Bad idea—don't shit where you eat." Perhaps he's speaking from experience—Ventimiglia did previously date his He certainly didn't want to make the wrong move with Fergie, who he starred with in her 2007 music video for "Big Girls Don't Cry." "The best was hanging out with Fergie and the worst was when it was over," he recalled. Once you have nabbed yourself a partner, grown-up Jess suggests keeping things equal.

The Bachelorette, Cheryl, doesn’t pick up on any of this.

In fact, she ends up choosing Alcala over the other two contestants despite his lackluster answers like, “Nighttime is the best time,” and “I’m a banana…

Bachelor number one is Rodney Alcala, who would be sentenced to death for the murder of at least 50 people just two years from this airing, but his true victim count could be as high as 130.