You can pretty much kiss a good night’s sleep goodbye for the first six months of the baby’s life.

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Everything I say here is true for all children regardless of their age - but is increasingly important the younger a child is.

Bottom line - don't be offended if a woman won't introduce you to her children right away.

The expectation that you will date into your late twenties and not deal with someone with a kid is probably high hopes. Let me say this up front, I’m a fan of dating women with kids.

I won’t tell a person you shouldn’t date her because she has kids.

Now the thing about having your own kids is that you have to take care of them.

That seems like the move but think about it this way; when you are dating someone who has their own kids, you really get to determine your level of involvement with those kids.

And just so you know, when women get over that empty nest syndrome, they get extremely horny and freaky. Now what I’m trying to say to you is that, you can’t be afraid to date a woman with kids.

It actually has some benefits that you probably haven’t considered. I’ve heard a woman say before, “I’m not looking for a man to sleep with, I’m looking for a man that’s going to be good for my son.” I don’t know if that worked out for her, but I’m just saying it happens.

Be grateful that such a woman values what her children think of her - it is a sign that she is careful and cognizant of her children's feelings.