To pass the time I called a friend from back east who I had lived with and gone on numerous “dating opportunities” including countless late nights at our home bar Thirsty Buffalo with a 4am last call, the most desperate “dating” hour being between 3 and 4am.

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First and most obvious download was the infamous Tinder, renown as a hook up app but also responsible for significant relationships for several of my friends.

Though I have played around with dating sites in the past like I felt like a stranger entering new waters with this one. I began like a kid waiting on Santa, checking my phone repeatedly the first hour, but days and weeks went by with only tiny bites.

When I started I would search through countless profiles looking for attributes I thought matched my interests but after only a short time I found myself swiping right, often without even looking, on every profile until no one was left in my area.

My original search criteria was girls between 27-31 years of age within a range of 3 miles but over time those standards relaxed to 21-35 years of age within 10 miles.

”, to which I responded “you mean in a good way I hope”. I suggested we just stay in the lobby and that I’d buy her a drink. She said – As I walked back to my car feeling dejected I wrote up a Facebook post about what had just gone down – By the next day I had 50 responses.

A few light heartedly poked fun, most were apologetic, but what I picked up on were the number of messages claiming similar experiences.After all, she was the one who contacted me first and had been doing most of the initiating.The following is what continued up to the promise of a first date – What was very obvious to me at the time yet I hesitated to bring up is that working in El Segundo and living in Santa Monica meant making it to Beverly Hills on a weekday would be absolute torture.She opened with height (6’-1”) claiming ‘no one likes to date a short guy’, then mentioned good career because ‘no one likes a cheap skate’.She changed interested in triathlon to “elite athlete” and concluded with adventurous and outgoing.It’s not so hard to get a connection, but from those matches to get a response, continue with a conversation, get a number and then make it out on a date.. So for the rest of this recap, to protect the name of this particular female (although she doesn’t deserve it) I will refer to her as Hollywood.