This activity assumes that you are male and, since you're reading about Chatroulette on Cracked, this is likely the case.Before logging onto Chatroulette, dress as a member of the opposite sex as best you can.

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As before, you must set up your webcam settings to show off your computer screen instead of yourself, then let the scarring begin!

Difficulty: 9 (depending on how convincing you are) This technique skillfully combines your partner's greatest wishes with their greatest fears, creating a veritable Reese's Peanut Butter cup of emotional trauma.

: 2 (depending on your artistic abilities) If you have a tablet PC, or if you're moderately skilled in the ways of MS Paint, you can pull off this simple game invented by webcomic Penny Arcade.

When you connect to a new partner, make sure that you're showing the portion of your computer screen that you will be drawing on (PA recommends Cam Twist for this purpose).

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A friend was on dirty roulette (18 chat roulette) and he met a girl who asked him to show her his stuff and face and she was a little sketch and. I hope to write regularly but time being what it is I may prove moreerratic than.

It is truly honest communication, and chatroulette proves, without a doubt, that honesty is not the best policy.

Though it's taken for granted now that dicks lie in wait around every metaphorical corner of the site, waiting to violate your eyeballs with...well, with dicks... After spending a few minutes on Chatroulette, the user will notice some bizarre patterns in the way their conversational partners act and react.

The results will speak for themselves: 1 (if you are Ben Folds) This game was apparently inspired by a fellow named Merton, who would do piano improv for people on Chatroulette; after Ben Folds perfected the art, however, we ceased to give a shit.

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