WD: Intention is first of all not something that you do. In dating and in romantic relationships, get your ego out of the way, stop thinking about what is in it for you, stop thinking about how much is coming your way or what is missing from you, and simply say, “How can I make this person’s life as glorious as can be? WD: Feeling that somehow they are incomplete if they don’t have it.Intention is an energy field from which all things are intended to which all things return. So the Power of Intention is really the power of the source, or the power of your highest self — the power of God. ” This means constantly being in a state of kindness and doing kind things. I believe the same thing that I believe about the recovery movement: It is really about letting go and letting God.

Recognize yourself as this individualized expression of God and see yourself, then, as already complete and help other people to feel the same way.

If you are single and unhappy, it is because you are feeling as if you are only half a person. WD: It has been so long since I have been on a date. Catch them doing things right, rather than doing things wrong.

If you already feel you are complete, the universe has an incredible way of offering you what it is you are already living.

I have often said, “You do not attract into your life what you want.

They can find their own answers rather than get it from me.” So following, Dyer gave us his opinion on matters of the heart, including how the Power of Intention can work in romance, the mistakes people make in relationships and first-date tips. Germain when he talked about the miser’s love for gold is that it isn’t from gold that you get love, it is the outpouring of love toward it.

e H: What would you say to someone who is single but wanting a relationship and having a rough time finding someone. WD: Whatever it is that I want from a relationship, I would say, “Be that.” If what you are looking for in a relationship with another person is an exquisite sense of love, then be that. It isn’t in a Mercedes that you are going to find great happiness.

In dating and relationships, for me, the greatest intention you can have is…instead of asking: What is in it for me? Just extending that love outward, so that the people that I love in my life, even the woman I am in a relationship with, my objective is not to get something from her, but to extend to her and make my focus in life making her as happy as I can possibly make her; helping her fulfill her highest dharma, her purpose in life, just to constantly be in a state of serving. Let go of your desire to have somebody there and constantly evaluating your happiness based on whether or not you are with that person.

Einstein once said when he was asked about quantum physics, “To me, that is all details.” He said, “The only thing I want to learn is to think like God thinks.” How does the source of all things in the universe think? I think also the focus so often is just on what can this person do for me? e H: How can one go from being single and unhappy to single and happy/fulfilled?

Appreciate them for what they are and ask nothing in return.

e H: One of the toughest question people in new relationships face is, “Should I stay or should I go?

In fact, I don’t think I ever dated in my whole life, yet I am in a divine, beautiful relationship with someone right now. Be as inquisitive about the other person as you possibly can. It is great parenting advice and it is also great dating advice. See them as perfect, divine creations and treat them that way.