Lunar drawing is an immensely rewarding activity which improves every single aspect of an observer’s skills.By making drawings, the observer learns to attend to detail instead of allowing the eye to wander onto the more obvious features.(3) Stand for a few minutes breathing in the lunar energies, calm yourself, and still your breathing, completely relax and clear your mind.

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Try not to make your drawing too large or too small – a sketch of around 100 mm in diameter is a good size.

When shading dark areas try to put minimal pressure onto the paper.

Equip yourself with a small torch, a set of soft leaded pencils ranging between HB to 5B and an A5-sized pad of smooth cartridge paper.

When the Moon is sharply focused in the eyepiece don’t be intimidated by the sheer wealth of detail on offer. If you aren’t sure what features you’re looking at, find your bearings with a good map of the Moon.

(5) Rub your hands together, take a deep breath and again assume the chalice position.

Invoke the energy of the goddess using any words you choose.

When a solitary witch performs this ritual it is done during a full Moon and within a circle.

The solitary witch assumes the goddess pose, both arms are held high with palms up, the body and arms form a Y, the witch then chants to invoke the Goddess spirit.

(1) Stand facing the full Moon, you may be outside or inside, whatever you prefer, as long as you have a clear view of the Moon.