Isabel tried to fight that side of herself throughout the series.She had some love interests, most notably dork Alex and lawyer Jesse.

He, his wife the Queen, his sister the princess, and his brother-in-law and second-in-command, all as alien-human hybrids, were sent to earth in the crashed ship, and emerged in the '80s as naked children roaming the desert.

Jason Behr has had steady work since Roswell, but not too much.

She was in [email protected], Charlie Wilson's War, and "ER." Now she's headlining a new CW(?

) show, "Life Unexpected," where I think she plays a MOM? Majandra Delfino as Maria De Luca Liz's best friend and Michael's reluctant girlfriend. I swear, her look changed SO MUCH throughout this series (short choppy hair in S1, long curly extensions in S2, brown straight hair with bangs in S3...) Anyway.

He's been in Orange County, King Kong, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, "Mad Men" as Father John Gill, and now "The Good Guys." He also has the most gorgeous father in the world, Tom Hanks. and when he found out what they were, just dropped it. He's been in some TV shows with bit parts, like "The O. Jesse didn't know anything about Isabel's true identity.

Adam has been busy, but his most notable role since Roswell has been as Eric Delko in "CSI: Miami" (with Brendan Fehr! Diane Farr as Amy De Luca Maria's single mother, a frantic woman who makes her living selling alien-y gimmicks and baking pies for the Crashdown Cafe. She's been in a ton of TV shows -- "Rescue Me," "Numb3rs," and "Californication," to name a few.

at the end of S1 he realized that the aliens were just scared kids trying to stay alive.

William Sadler has been in A LOT since Roswell, including Darrin Tyler in "Wonderfalls" (love!

The series is narrated by Liz via what she writes in her diary.